It’s a Question of Faith: Charcoal vs. BBQ briquettes

It’s a Question of Faith: Charcoal vs. BBQ briquettes


It’s a Question of Faith: Charcoal vs. BBQ briquettes Cologne, 6 August, 2015: Whether the decision goes to charcoal or barbecue briquettes depends on many factors, and often simply on personal preferences and beliefs. Charcoal and barbecue briquettes differ in particular in material properties, ignition behaviour, burning time and heat. Premium BBQ Briquettes by Die Kohle-Manufaktur set new standards.

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Now let’s be honest: It’s really time for a break.

More and more people, especially with the frenzied pace of big city life, yearn for a little break every now and then. Just to slow down a bit. Or better still, to switch off completely and muse over something genuine and down-to-earth. Such as a cosy barbecue with friends.

We have developed our Premium BBQ Briquettes precisely for these people – for people like you – a real quality product “Made in Germany”. Our Premium BBQ Briquettes are produced from domestic coal and manufactured and refined in Germany – no tropical wood, no wood waste, no long transport routes.

What we say is: with only the best on the grill, you should have only the best under it. Our Premium BBQ Briquettes are a really great product.


Making charcoal with a VW camper-van.

They still exist: the irrepressible tinkerers, changing the world in their garages or basements with new product ideas. In our case, he’s a passionate barbecue fan and was driven by a mission to develop the perfect coal briquettes.

In his spare time he made many attempts to find the perfect formula. But one day he hit a brick wall. He just didn’t have a suitable press to form the coal into briquettes and test them. But as luck would have it, a little later on he came across a few BBQ-crazy Brits. When he told them about his quest to develop the perfect coal briquettes – and the lack of a press – they listened to his story with interest. Because those Brits had exactly the charcoal press that he was looking for!
It was in a garden shed at home, unused for years. The deal: their old coal press from England for his old VW T1 camper-van. The British had taken quite a shine to it you see. And our intrepid tinkerer?
He agreed. And that was the birth of Premium BBQ Briquettes.


In the spirit of the inventor.

The birth of our Premium BBQ Briquettes already says a lot about our values – an honest product, striving for the best possible result and great attention to detail. Of course, we now produce them with high-tech equipment – if only to maintain our quality standards – and no longer in the garage. But the ongoing development of our briquettes still takes place manually using a hand press at home.
And so the inventive spirit lives on in our company.

Die Kohle-Manufaktur also attaches great importance to the origin of our high-quality products. We take this commitment seriously and use and refine only domestic coal, with the whole production process taking place in Germany. We guarantee 100% Made in Germany in each bag of our Premium BBQ Briquettes.