Premium BBQ Briquettes

Reach new barbecuing heights: with Premium BBQ Briquettes by Die Kohle-Manufaktur, you have a first-rate product. Because we are the only company who manufacture our BBQ briquettes from domestic coal, 100% made in Germany: from mining and processing to production and distribution.

Our Premium BBQ Briquettes made from domestic coal are real “diamonds” for barbecue fans. And not only because the degree of purity with 80% carbon is very high, coming close to diamond itself (100% carbon). The quality and excellent burning properties ensure a pure and especially long-lasting barbecuing experience. Only coal from Germany makes it into our bags – no waste wood, no tropical woods and so no long transport routes, which pollute our environment unnecessarily.

And to make sure it stays that way, we carry out constant quality controls in our own laboratory and have our products and the production process checked on a regular basis by independent institutes.

You can be certain that you get the original and best with outstanding qualities when you choose Premium BBQ Briquettes by Die Kohle-Manufaktur.


For barbecuing pleasure
  • up to 4.5 hours burning time
  • smokeless lighting
  • hardly any sparks
  • even heat distribution
  • Made in Germany

Premium Fuel Paste:

This makes the coal burn perfectly: the ideal companion to our Premium BBQ Briquettes is our Premium Fuel Paste made from 100% bio-ethanol. It allows you to light the briquettes smokelessly when using a charcoal chimney. So nothing can stand in the way of barbecuing fun on your balcony or in the backyard. And taking the environment into account: our Premium Fuel Paste made from 100% bio-ethanol is carbon neutral and almost odourless when burnt.

The perfect lighting result
  • 100% bio-ethanol
  • smokeless fuel paste
  • climate-neutral burning
  • burns odourless
  • practical to handle